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Be afraid! Be very afraid!!
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Little something for the female Ravens fans, sorry fellas

The Man the Myth The Legend 

Let’s go Ravens!


How well Do you Know your Birds?!
Take the Ravens Verses Patriots Quiz and see how you do, I’ll post the answers tomorrow before the game… Lets see how much history you really know about us and them, no googling people!

1.Which of these former Ravens NEVER played for the Patriots?
A) Rod Woodson
B) Adalius Thomas
C) Vinny Testaverde
D) Duane Starks
2.Which of these Ravens players has NOT played at least 10 career games against the Patriots?
A) Lee Evans
B) Ray Lewis
C) Ricky Williams
D) All three have played at least 10 games vs. New England
3.Which Ravens coach once spent four years as the Patriots’ defensive coordinator?
A) Linebackers coach Dean Pees
B) Secondary coach Roy Anderson
C) Defensive line coach Clarence Brooks
D) Defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano
4.When the Ravens and Patriots met during the 2010 playoffs, Ray Rice and the Ravens rolled to a _____ victory at Gillette Stadium.
A) 21-6
B) 24-13
C) 27-10
D) 33-14
5.Which Patriots player was, along with Ed Reed, on the University of Miami team that won the 2001 national championship?
A) Vince Wilfork
B) Shaun Ellis
C) Deion Branch
D) Wes Welker
6.What is the Ravens’ record against the Patriots in the playoffs, all time?
A) 0-6
B) 2-4
C) 1-0
D) 6-0
7.Which Ravens player wears the same uniform number as the Patriots’ Wes Welker?
A) Anquan Boldin
B) Torrey Smith
C) Dennis Pitta
D) Lee Evans
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